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You choose to lead or not lead yourself- you decide....


Self-Leadership Journey

These simple ten questions can change your life into what you want it to be. The power of the questions is in the journey and discovery of the answers.  Living with the questions, writing in a journal, seeking understanding and meaning can take several years. Be a self-leader and realize your own unique potential.


1.     What is my life purpose?

2.     Am I using my natural gifts?

3.     Do I reflect on what I have experienced and then learn from this?

4.     Am I a servant-leader?

5.     What habits are holding me back from realizing my potential?

6.     How well do I make the present perfect for me, so that I have no regrets for the past and look forward to the future?

7.     How well do I truly listen?

8.     How well do I give feedback, with honesty, to others?

9.     When will I stop tolerating the things that I do not want in my life?

10.   Do I take calculated risks and focus on success?


Debbie Payne 2003

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"curiousity leads us to learn, let us learn to lead"