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Whenever you are working with others...
Whenever we are faced with decisions, start to explore an issue, or are asked to change or create something there is internal dialogue that starts up inside of us. Parts of ourselves feel and think one way, and parts think and feel another way. We also become aware of other people in our lives that are influential reactors to our ideas and actions.

As you think about your position, the people you represent at a meeting, or the group process, it is helpful to perform two internal inquiries for a few minutes at various points throughout your time together.  

 This will help you clarify your own thoughts that you can then share articulately with others. The following two generic questions can be used for self-inquiry whenever complex dialogue, confusion, debate, assessment, or intense concentration occurs.

Call for a Silent Reflection time whenever you feel the need. Then break into silence at that time for people to reflect on the issues at hand.





 What do the various voices inside you say about your position, pro and con?





This helps with clarifying your own personal thoughts.

Who are the people and or groups you can visualize as supporting, questioning, or rejecting your position? What are they saying?




This helps in confirming how your people would respond to or confirm your position


Adapted from Mining Group Gold, 1985 Xerox Corporation.







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