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Welcome to your Reflecticize Club! Thousands of others around the world are forming Reflectizing Clubs. Is this something new? We prefer to think of it as an innovation, something that stems from something old. The genesis is words written by great thinkers of our time- some famous, some relatively unknown.

What are people doing when they reflecticize? Is this something anyone can do? Well, if you know how to think, speak and listen you can belong to a Reflecticize Club. If you are willing to pause for some time in our busy world and really take notice then this may be something for you.

What are the benefits? Similar to any kind of club people come together for a common interest. Reflectize Clubs can be of any size however limiting it to no more than seven people allows for excellent dialogue. You will grow and develop your own inner wisdom and appreciate the inner wisdom of others.

How to I join or form a club? It is so easy. Carry your Reflecticize Journal around with you. Whenever you meet or talk with someone you know pull it out and read a quote and question. Discuss it with the other person. Tell them you are forming a club- they may be interested. If not, move on testing this out with people until your club is formed. You will find each other if you trust the process.

Of course, during your journey you will be building your reflectercizing muscle during each conversation.

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