What is reflectercizing?
What is reflectercizing?
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Reflectercizing exercises your mind, your spirit, your heart and deepens your inner wisdom.

Let me think...Stop for a moment...notice the sunset...notice the tears welling up in a child's eyes...ponder a question...consider the alternatives.

Deep dialogue with others that cuts the surface chatter of cocktail parties, elevator conversations, and voice mail connects us to other human beings and connects us to ourselves.

We exercise our bodies, we are careful with our nutrition, we intellectually stimulate our minds and bodies with new skills and knowledge. These are good things. Add to this reflectercize and we philsophically balance ourselves in relationships with others.

Yours in reflection,

Erna Hagge and Debbie Payne

Deberna Coaching International

Co-creators of the Tri-namics Coaching Triangle SystemTM, and now ReflectercizingTM

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