Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom


Tri-namics is the official resource for the Tri-namics System, a practical organizational learning framework that uses a peer coach approach to develop leadership skills.

Tabbed and coil bound, with a soft cover this standard size resource can be carried around for personal reflection, perhaps while you are having a coffee or tea.  Fingertip learning that you can open anywhere to stimulate a conversation with a colleague, mentor, or coach Tri-namics extends and  enhances, and is a catalyst for your own learning.

The accountability frameworks n the Appendix , including a self-directed Orientation for Coaching Triangles,  provide structure and credibility for self-directed learning. 

100+ exercises, self-assessments  and tools. 333+ provocative questions. 

What conversation are you having in your organization?

Tri-namics stimulates conversations that are meaningful, thought provoking, innovative, engaging, supportive, coach-like and most leaderful.  Piloting or implementing the Tri-namics System is relatively easy, you have all the people and tools you need. We have proven results to show you, expertise in creative approaches. and some great ideas based on your needs  to bring the system to your organizatiion. If you are curious give us a call or email.  Our site provides more details.