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Tri-namics resources include a Tri-optimizing section with timeless quotes and related provocative coaching questions.  
The intention is to read the quote, ponder the question and either reflect on it yourself or engage in conversation with others.
Questions help spark you into deeper thought and dialogue, deepening your self-awareness and strengthening your emotional intelligence.

Try out these reflective quotes and questions yourself.

"Live your life with moral courage. Courage to do the right thing when faced with temptation is one way to improve the world."
                                                                                -Debbie Payne

COACHING Q: How to I demonstrate authentically my moral courage?

"When you are connected to your essence and it flows through you, you are living your truth."  
                                                                                              -Erna Hagge
COACHING Q:  What does it mean to me? How will I know when I am connected to my essence?


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