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Power of Three (Coaching Triangles)
Synergy and magic of the presence of three key elements: three mindful individuals

" I came away centered, anchored and ready...this Triangle provided an environment like no other in building my success"  Linda Kompauer, HR Manager, University of British Columbia



The joys of collaborating, working in teams and building excellent relationships.

Based on the premise that we need to “practice to enhance our performance” Coaching Triangles are an elegantly simple development approach to try things out, to work towards goals, problem-solve, and to coach and learn in a confidential self-selected peer-supported group.


Why would you use Tri-namics for Coaching Triangles?

The opportunity to experiment with Coaching Triangle partners, accessing the latest professional and development resources

Holds a focus for learning 

Three people learn from the conversation sparked by Tri-namics

Access to provocative questions that stimulate awareness and grow inner wisdom

Accelerates professional and leadership development, performance enhancement

To think outside the box, get rid of the box, or address goals and challenges


What is in Tri-namics that will support your Coaching Triangle?

Tools, evaluations and frameworks integrating Payne Leadership Model of Action, Reflection, Innovation

Coaching model, and sample questions built on the “Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue” to practice coaching

A Coaching Triangle Charter and Contract to define your goals and successes, and commit to your relationship

A self-directed Orientation for your Coaching Triangle

Leading professional and self-development resources at your fingertips

Over 100 exercises and assessments to help you move towards your goals 

More than 333 questions to stimulate your dialogue and learning


How might you use Tri-namics with your Coaching Triangle partners? 

Use it to enhance your coaching, mentoring and/or leadership skills

Use it to influence culture and increase engagement

Use it as a resource for experimenting with new ideas and innovation

Use it as a leadership, adult learning, and coaching information resource

Use evaluations to monitor progress

Use your Coaching Triangle to help sustain or extend learning from more formal programs

Use it to record and transfer knowledge between Coaching Triangle partners

FAQ's on Coaching Triangles

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