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Power of Two
Synergy and magic of the mindful presence of three key elements: You, Me and our Intention

"A great mentor has a knack for making us think we are better than we think we are. They make us more our of ourselves, and once we learn how good we really, we never settle for anything less than our very best."   Prometheus Foundation




Synergy and magic of the mindful presence of three key elements: you, me and our intention

Tri-namics is the power of three

forces activating

endless possibilities

 Enhanced with 3 Program Offerings:


 The Art of Self-directed Learning

 The Art of Self-directed Leadership

 The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue



    Debbie Payne, MA and Erna

    Hagge, CEC are leading edge

    organizational development

    professionals who have each

    created innovative award-winning

    programs. Collectively they have 50+

    years of people development expertise.








Partnerships for mentoring or coaching.

The joy of stimulating partnership learning.

Tri-namics is a resource for you to explore, stimulate your thoughts, reflect, take action and innovate with your partner. It stimulates conversation to a deeper level.



Mentors and mentees ask provocative questions of each other

Mentees work through exercises and debrief with mentor

Mentor guides mentee on use of assessments

Mentor shares own experiences and practices with Tri-namics resources



Coach uses questions as guided format for leadership development

Coach uses coaching model and sample questions

Coach uses to enhance conversation and proven resources for leadership development

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