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Tri-namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health Professsion is "a remarkable 'must have' resource for the emerging health care leader, current managers and health executives alike."

Paul Gallant, CHE, PHD(C), MHK, BREC(TR)
Gallant Healthworks and Associates

Tri-namics LEADS 2012 $59

Custom LEADS edition for health professionals

Tri-namics 2009 Standard $59

Current standard edition

Tri-namics 2006 $49

Specific to Coaching Triangle System


Ordering Information

Three books are currently available:
1. Tri-namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health System 2012
2. Tri-namics: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom 2009
3. Tri-namics Coaching Triangle System 2006
Shipping/handling costs are additional. For volume orders please contact us to discuss shipping options.
Erna     1-604.999.7099
Debbie  1-604.209.5069

Purchase Tri-namics:

Please contact us directly for larger quantities or if you are not able to access PayPal or have questions on ordering.
Debbie Payne 1.604.209.5069 or
Erna Hagge 1.604.999.7099 or

Borrow a copy of Tri-namics 2009 from the Vancouver Public Library.

Drawing on over 45 adult learning, management and leadership theories Tri-namics contains 40+ practical exercise and tools to help you address the following leadership, HR, business, professional and personal opportunities and challenges.

  Accelerating leader growth and development

  Enhancing communication skills

  Improving employee engagement

  Facilitating knowledge transfer

  In-house people development

  Building your organizational coaching culture

  Enhancing self-awareness

  Accessing your wise self

  Deepening and influencing  workplace conversations

  Stimulating innovative  and solution-focused thinking

  Enriching team dynamics

  Fostering leading-edge mentoring partnerships

  Accelerating effective decision making





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