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Courses and workshops can be valuable learning catalysts and also be events that stimulate change in behaviour. When extended with Tri-namics opportunities for application are increased.
We offer customized workshops on learning, coaching and leadership.
Workshops are fully customizable both in content and delivery format to suit the needs of clients. 
Introduction to Tri-namics
Waht is the Tri-namics System? What is a Coaching Triangle? How can you practice or experience this to see what it might be like?  This session is designed to introduce you to the concept in an interactive, experiential format.

          The Art of Self-directed Learning
Shifting from programmed, structured learning to self-directed learning requires a mindshift abd is the foundation for the Tri-namics System. This workshop creates this foundation.
The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue
Creating a coaching culture in your organization begins with encouraging people to develop dialogue skills of powerful questioning and focused listening. Bring this to your organization and see the culture begin to shift.
The Art of Self-directed Leadership
Leadership begins with our awareness of self, the impact of our own thinking, attitudes, and beliefs  as well as our abilities.  Fostering self-leadership creates better leaders of others.  Encourage your leaders to explore this and watch relationships improve and results skyrocket.

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