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Debbie interviewed on Celebrity Dialogue for book contribution

Erna -Globe and Mail Article

Prism Award for Coaching-BC Childrens/Womens article

SAT MAY 29, 2010 12:00-1:00PM  KVOS TV. Debbie and Erna are interviewed about their Tri-namics work on the talk show Winds of Change with Jivi.   
Debbie and Erna are being interviewed about their Tri-namics work for a new TV Talk Show, Winds of Change
Tri-namics presentation to OD Roundtable held at City of Richmond on October 23.
Vancouver Tri-namics Consultant Judi Clarke presents a session to Principals and Vice-principals in Coquitlam.
AUGUST 2009 
Tri-namics Power of One, Two, Three: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom is published by Deberna International and available for purchase.
MAY 2009
Erna Hagge trains first Tri-namics Consultant in Australia (Lorraine Denny, University of Wollongong.)  
Tri-namics is undergoing a significant rebranding and revision with availability in  July 2009. The focus widens to include personal development, mentoring partnerships as well as the Coaching Triangle System. 
JAN 2008
Presentation on Tri-namics to University of BC community at UBC Bookstore.

OCT 07-JUNE 08.
Vancouver Community College offered a pilot program for employees using Tri-namics in their Leadership Coaching Triangles 

JAN 2007
Coaching Triangles were introduced and added to Leadership Vancouver Program at their Opening Retreat in .

APRIL 29, 2006
First Licensing Workshop for Coaching Triangle Consultants (CTC) was held at the Arbutus Club in Vancouver.

OCT 2, 2006
Debbie and Erna presented Tri-namics Coaching Triangles to the BC Center for Quality Breakfast.
MAY 2006
Erna Hagge presented at the 2006 International Coach Federation European Conference in Brussels.

May 18, 2006
Debbie Payne presented a workshop on the Coaching Trinagle System at at BCHRMA workshop .

Tri-namics Coaching Triangle System 2006 book available for sale through the UBC website

Elite athletes like Tiger Woods along with Fortune 500 CEOs have long touted the potent benefits of coaching. UBC now offers business coaching services for employees, see link below, UBC Reports.

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