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FAQs for Potential Coaching Triangle members

1. What is a Coaching Triangle?
A self-selected professional development group of three people.

2. What can I expect to learn?
You set your own goals individually and collectively; then learn how to coach each other to achieve them.

3. How do I become part of a Coaching Triangle?
One person initiates the triangle and chooses to form one. They invite a second person. The two of them together invite a third.

4.What is the criteria for choosing members?
Look for someone you want to learn from or with, for a thinking partner, someone you converse with easily, for someone who challenges you to see things in new ways, a collaborative problem solver, or someone you are curious about. Coaching Triangles can be built for comfort, retreat or to reduce stress; for huge stretches, challenges, and growth; to focus on learning new skills; and for many other purposes such as growing leadership, improving engagement, transferring knowledge; fostering coaching culture, to support continued and sustained learning after classroom learning; or personal and professional development.

5. Once we have a group of 3 people what do we do?
To get started first contact a Coaching Triangle coach, obtain 3 Tri-namics resource manuals, then attend an Orientation session to learn more and experiment with how the triangle works.

6. What support is available for my Coaching Triangle?
The Tri-namics resource manual provides you with an accountability framework and over 100 exercises for triangles to learn from. It is a resource that sparks the learning and coaching dialogue. It is built on the pillars of leadership, learning and coaching. It is focused on reflection, action and innovation. It is also a personal journal for growth and learning.
Your Coaching Triangle coach can provide you with ongoing coaching support should your triangle decide this would be of value. Coaching support simply accelerates your learning.

7. How much does it cost?
Tri-namics resource manuals are $49.00 and each triangle member needs their own copy.
Rates for Informational Sessions, Presentations, Orientation sessions, Coaching for the triangle groups, and related coaching or leadership workshops are negotiable.

8. Why is it called a system?
Each triangle group is a system unto itself. It has a natural dynamic relationship built on the power of three that is transformational when used positively for growth and development.
When a critical mass or tipping point of Coaching Triangles are integrated and interconnected within an organization it becomes and organizational learning framework. This self-sustaining system can influence organizational culture.

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