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Use the Tri-namics System directly with your clients, and within organizations, businesses and communities. Improve or create mentoring programs, foster and develop coaching cultures, stimulate individual leadership development, or grow the Coaching Triangle System.  

Tri-namics Consultants (TC) are licensed to facilitate the orientation and development  of Coaching Triangles, be a resource and team coach, plus effectively bring the whole Coaching Triangle framework into organizations. In addition they are able to use this with individual clients as well as mentoring/coaching partnerships and teams.  

Criteria for Licensing

  •  Demonstrated  experience as a coach, consultant, trainer, facilitator, or educator.

         In-depth conversational  interview with a Deberna Partner to determine interest and focus, as well as develop understanding of the Tri-namics System. 



Licensing Process

         Tri-namics Consultants (TC1) are provided with 10 hours of one of one consultation, mentoring, coaching or training (or equivalent)  as required from Deberna International.

         Signing of Tri-namics Consultant Licensing Agreement.

         Payment of licensing fee




          Discounts on Tri-namics Resources

         Cumulative bonus structure for volume sales of Tri-namics

         Marketing and promotion materials

         Access and opportunity to contribute to Tri-namics research, resources

         Visibility on the Deberna website

         License includes existing and future Tri-namics resources and products




Licensing Fee

$3,000.00  (one time only fee, non-transferable).  No annual license fee.


Do you need to be licensed to use the System or purchase books? 

No.  You may purchase books from Deberna International and use with your clients however you choose. Licensing provides benefits but is not required.

For further consultation on the use of Tri-namics, or to become licensed, please contact Debbie Payne or Erna Hagge. You will first be required to submit a bio or resume of your background experience and then participate in a conversation to ensure you understand the system and its basic philosophy.. We will then custom –design the licensing process with you.

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