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The Tri-namics System

Because of its integrated learning approach, Tri-namics is often used to support HGI programs, workshops, retreats and professional and organizational development interventions.

Tri-namics is not another program. It is a bonus to what you have that is already working and takes it to the next level. It can also be used on its own. Tri-namics is a system and resource for follow-up to classroom learning, just in time learning, self-directed learning, ongoing learning and sustained learning. These resources are useful for self, peer or professional coaching, mentoring, leadership and team development and building system wide learning/coaching cultures.  For more information on Tri-namics, please visit the Deberna International website.


Tri-namics: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom focuses on the power of One, Two Three. The framework is built on Refection, Action and Innovation. The content is based on leading edge methodologies and evidence-based resources. The book is a cross between a resource, workbook and journal. It offers many leadership resources, self-evaluations and frameworks for self-coaching, partner coaching and coaching triangles. This Tri-namics book is full of provocative coaching questions, models for learning and frameworks for application. Simply put... it is your personal coach in a book at your finger tips.


Tri-namics for LEADS is a Caring Environment has been designed for health care professionals. It is built on the LEADS capability framework which was developed by researchers at Royal Roads University and adopted by the Canadian Healthcare Leadership Network, The Health Care Association of BC and the Canadian College of Health Services Executives. This book provides exercises and resource to support leadership development in the LEADS domains of: Lead Self, Engage Others, Achieve Results, Develop Coalitions and System Transformation. It has Over 500 provocative questions to reflect, act and innovate, over 40 exercises for leadership wisdom and 12 proven and leading-edge applications to grow and develop leaders.


Tri-namics: Coaching Triangle System was the first Tri-namics book. It was designed to support coaching triangles. Coaching Triangles consist of three learners who work together to learn something that is important to them. The triangle partners typically self-select based on their intention. As the success of this application grew, organizations adapted this model and used coaching triangles as a follow-up or as part of classroom learning to extend and imbed the learning. Coaching Triangles are a perfect example of using the intellectual capital within an organization, of self-directed learning and self-directed leadership. In addition to the wealth of leadership resources, this book has a sample of a charter, a contract and a process the three learners can use.