HGI offers a wide range of consulting services and service delivery for fully engaged workplaces and lives that support the evolution of highly performing cultures and individuals. We help identify clear goals, methods to attain them, and what you can use from your current reality to get there. To ensure we understand the uniqueness of your organization and to clarify your intention requires several steps.  Typically, we begin by doing a needs analysis where we look at the existing culture, any relevant practices, programs, infrastructure, policies and procedures as well as already established resources.  We also discuss, with you, the macro and micro components of your desired outcomes and goals of the organization and/or of the team.  We then look at defining clear targets and identifying measurables.  Finally, we will offer our recommendation outlining a strategy and implementation plan.   Partnering with you we will provide implementation services as required.

We combine our wide range of expertise and knowledge of industry best practices and evolving trends with your organization’s unique needs, resources and existing strengths to produce a plan that is achievable and sustainable.


HGI offers consulting and a menu of services in many areas in order to address a variety of needs. See our home page menu to direct you to highlights of our services.