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Retreats are opportunities for organizations, teams or groups to collectively focus on something that is important to them. They are a time to leave the day to day work behind.  Retreats offer the possibility to recharge, gain clarity, educate, build relationships and set strategies. The length of the retreat depends on the complexity of the intention and goals.  Typically, retreats range from 1 week to half a day. Listed below are examples of some types of retreats; however each client will have their own focus. Contact us to discuss your intentions and questions.


Strategic Planning Retreat

Whether establishing a strategic plan, reviewing one and/or updating previously set one, retreats offer an opportunity to clarify, strategize and plan your goals, tie them into you vision, mission and values, set priorities,  identify what you have done to get there, identify what needs to happen to move forward, assess resources that are needed, set time lines and benchmarks.

Visioning and Mission Building Retreat

A vision statement defines our highest desired outcome, our driving purpose; to be effective, it is best set as a desired future.  A famous vision statement is Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream…” speech. A mission statement identifies what you do to achieve your vision. These two act as a compass for your strategies and inform your branding.  This type of retreat is for those who are starting a new venture, amalgamating or have not undergone this core branding exercise.  This process is creative and is a highly customized exercise.

Team Building Retreat


Each member of the team needs to be fully engaged for a team to be highly functioning. To be fully engaged, people needed to be seen, heard and understood as well as given the opportunity to contribute. It is the collective intelligence that forms dynamic teams.These retreats focus on a variety of questions and may include some of the following (however, many other considerations may be included): what is our collective goal, who do we need to be as a team to reach these goals, what works well already, what are our challenges, what strengths do we have as a team and in the team, what guiding principles do we agree on and how do we share leadership.

Including an individual evaluation of personality types, strengths or preferred styles of communication is often used to provide understanding of differences and the value of diversity.

Professional and Skill Development Retreat

These retreats are often focused on developing leadership skills. They have been based on many of our HGI programs  or require custom design programs based on the needs of the organization/team. A side benefit to this type of retreat is that relationships are strengthened and the skill developmenth as a similar language and understanding for all participants.