Programs and Workshops


HGI offers education and development through programs, workshops, training and systems that are carefully crafted and continuously updated. The focus is on deepening professional skill development whether for senior leaders, those new to the work world or those just interested in learning. Our programs integrate the principles of self-directed learning and leadership,using innovative approaches and accessing the learner's own wisdom. We incorporate experiential learning methodologies, ongoing learning systems and evidence based materials.


Our programs are intended to be self-sustaining and grow engaged organizational cultures and lives. They can be customized to your unique environment. You are welcome to contact us for a complimentary needs analysis.


HGI program offerings include a variety of categories and each category offers a variety of options. These often cross each other’s boundaries as they all assist in learning the art of living our professional and personal lives to our full capacity.


Program, workshop and system categories focus on the following topics:Communication, Leadership and Professional Development, Organizational Development, Personal Development, Human Resources, Innovation, Other.