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Personal Development

Who is more important than you? Think about when you are at your best, how that influences all around you. It’s the common heard analogy of being in an airplane and the oxygen mask falls...who do you give the mask to first: you or the person next to you?


A personal and/or professional development plan and process is your opportunity to be authentically you and offers you a chance to write your own life story and, thus, be the master of your destiny.


HGI offers program and services that will help you on your journey. What better investment than “YOU” could you have?


Appreciative Living


Appreciative Living is an experiential course designed to offer participants powerful techniques for reducing stress, anxiety and worry and increasing opportunities for calm, happiness, and joy in their daily lives, regardless of their personal challenges or circumstances. In addition, participants completing the four session workshop typically report experiencing greater energy and motivation, making better and smarter decisions, and recognizing new opportunities that will move them closer to their dreams.


This is a program with 4 sessions for 2 hours each.


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Are you ready to dive deeply and engage in your life fully? This program focuses on how you would like to be seen, the legacyyou would like to leave and who you are when at your best. It is a personal journey in authoring your own story. The program is designed to integrate the learning over several sessions with sufficient time in between to craft your future.  It is built on a model of one day interactive classroom discovery and ten 1.5 hour follow-up modules with 3 learning partners to support ongoing transition. Link to self-coaching


This is a program with 1 full day and 10 follow-up modules of 1.5 hours each.




For information on self-coaching please see that heading on the Coaching page.