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Leadership and Professional Development


Leadership can be described as the process of social, organizational and personal influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of an intention. Today we use the term shared leadership which invites us all to be leaders. HGI leadership programs look at leadership development from a broad range of approaches and services for a wide range of clients as well as specific audiences.

Professional development is critical for organizations and individuals to pursue if they are to be at their optimum. A strategically planned development process is an investment into the future.   At HGI we offer a broad range of programs and courses with leading edge learning methodologies.  As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

LEADS in a Caring Environment

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Alchemy of Leadership: Developing the Artful Leader

How do you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary? Alchemy is the art of transforming leaden thinking into the gold of wisdom. Some of the greatest difficulties leaders face today revolve around the need to instill passion, mobilize teams toward achieving a common vision, and motivate change in employees. Artists and business leaders have many parallels within their roles. Both involve having a guiding vision and a potent point of view, formulating an ideal, navigating chaos and the unknown, and finally, producing a new creation.

Exercises designed to effect shifts in perception help people break out of traditional mind sets. Activities involving drawing, or painting, and de-coding images, awaken the senses, sharpen insights and allow exciting possibilities for taking creative risks—both personally and professionally. This workshop explores the arts as a metadisciplinary catalyst for transformation in culture, creativity, identity, and your own personal development as a leader. You will experience a theoretical framework for leadership, creativity, and collaboration, see  examples of principles and practices from business, art and science, which apply to leadership in organizations, be introduced to whole-brain thinking and design-thinking models as a strategic tool to improve communication, teamwork, creativity, and the ability to influence others to turn ideas into action.

This is a 1 or 2 day course.

Appreciative Inquiry

As leaders, managers and employees we have a natural tendency to look at what is wrong and then strategize on how to fix it. Over the last few years, a growing trend is to look at what is right and how we can build on that to achieve our goals. This is called an appreciative approach/appreciative inquiry and is consistently used by those who are highly successful.   This approach shifts you from problem solving to possibility creating.

In this program, you will look at the research that supports this approach and examine a mental model of what appreciative inquiry might mean to you as well as how you might use it to address what is important to you. You will practise asking questions from this mental model and work on your own plan of how you can apply this appreciative approach in your workplace or career.

This is a 1 day course.

Building a Harassment-Free Workplace

Have you, as a manager, team leader or supervisor, ever had to deal with a complaint of discrimination and harassment in your work environment? Are you aware of the legal requirements for accommodating employees with disabilities? Do you know that, as the administrative head of a unit, you have the responsibility for preventing discrimination and harassment in your units and/or for responding appropriately when a complaint of discrimination or harassment comes to your attention? By learning the basic steps of building an inclusive and respectful workplace, you can help prevent the time-consuming, negative, stressful, and often expensive, consequences of a harassment or discrimination complaint. In this workshop, you will learn a host of practical and inexpensive strategies for preventing complaints from occurring in your department or organization. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to workshop real life case studies in a small group in order to heighten your awareness and skills for responding to complaints that may occur.

This is a 1 day workshop.


It’s Up to Me

Do you ever feel like you are on hold waiting for the right thing to happen or that you will take action when…..happens?

In this program you will look at what is important to you, what about it is up to you and how you can influence it. We will examine your values and your strengths and how they play into what is important as well as how they can influence your movement forward. We will also look at what other elements engage you and disengage you. From your discovery, you draft a personal action plan.

This is a 1 day workshop.


Peak Performance

When all areas of our life are in balance, personal excellence is more easily attained. High achievers often sacrifice one or more parts of themselves, or energies and related behaviours, while each one is required to be in full use in order to achieve peak performance. This program allows you to examine your whole self in the context of your life energies. The most commonly referred to energies are the following: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual/inner wisdom well-being. How do these play out in your life and what is the impact? What do you do well already and where are your opportunities? In this program you will build a personal plan, identifying what success looks like in all these energies and developing strategies to achieve peak performance as their collective energies synchronize.

This is a 1 day workshop.


Professional Profile System

This system is a new approach to what was once called a performance review or appraisal. These approaches had many limitations and,at best,disengaged the employee to some degree. It relied on the leader to drive the process and act as a parent rather than a people developer.

The Professional Profile System is an approach owned by the employee and supported by leaders. The leader acts as coach, mentor and teacher and helps to hold the focus for the employee. The process is tailored to the goals of the employee and the organization and is future focused. An appreciative inquiry approach looks at what works well, what the ideal future looks like and integrates the employee’s intrinsic motivators. Looking at the past informs opportunities for the future.

This program is best tailored to the employee’s career goals and the organization’s vision and goals. A template and process are provided to work from.

This is a 1 day course with 3 follow-up modules of 3 hours each.



We may think or assume people in the workplace are primarily motivated by monetary rewards; however, research tells us that money is not generally a key motivator. According to Dan Pink, once people are paid adequately the three things that motivate and engage them the most are having autonomy, striving for mastery and being clear on purpose.


Recognition is critical in motivating and developing employees. Employees often complain they are not recognized. How does a leader know how much and what recognition is appropriate? Recognition is not clearly understood by most of us. How do we know what is important to someone else?


This program focuses on recognition in all its forms. You will learn about the Platinum rule verses the Golden rule; build a new mental model around recognition and identify a personal recognition plan. This process puts those receiving recognition in partnership with those giving recognition.


This is a 4 hour workshop.



Talents to Strengths

What are you naturally good at? What is the difference between strengths and talents? What role do they play in professional development and our engagement in work and life? Did you know that when we work with our natural talents that we are more energized? This means when we work from natural talents, we are more creative and get more done.This 1 day program will use the book Strength Finders 2.0 to identify your natural talents, build strategies to use them more often, and strengthen them.

This workshop is also ideal for teams. Identifying natural talents and strengths of each team member and how the synchronicity of these allows the team to share leadership, learn from each other and become highly functioning.

This is a 4 hour or 1 day workshop.