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Licensing and Training 

Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue©

This is a licensing program

Upon completion of this program you will have an extended program model and resources that offer you the opportunity to tailor the training to meet your clients’ specific needs. You will be able to demonstrate coaching verse advising and learn how to coach-teach a class as opposed to lecture. With this program’s approach, you will learn to integrate learning over a longer period of time and build supportive relationships with your learners. The program is very interactive and provides an opportunity for you to help the learner work on their own goals. You will learn how to support coaching triangles and how to deliver a modular learning format.



The licensing process includes co-delivery with a master trainer of the 1 day classroom delivery and the ten 1.5 hour follow-up modules. Three hours of coaching and training support are tailored to the professional’s specific needs.

About the Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue©

This program is often used in organizations to develop peer coaching skills and practices and is frequently used to support cohort leadership development programs. The framework is built on a dialogue model using coaching practices stimulating critical thinking, self-directed learning and self-directed leadership.  Team cohesion, collaboration and communication effectiveness are integrated into the framework and model. The program is designed to integrate the learning over several sessions with sufficient time in between to build on the skills in the day to day work environment.  It is built on a model of one day interactive classroom learning and ten, 1.5 hour follow-up modules with 3 learning partners to support just in time learning and professional goal achievement. The work book has additional resources and post workshop exercises for those who learn well on their own and stimulates reflection for ongoing learning.

 This program is a 1 day workshop and 10 follow-up modules of 1.5 hours each.


Professional Profile System©


This is a licensing program and system

When your clients are ready for a new approach to having performance conversations, this system moves them from the Industrial Age of managing employees to the Post Modern Age or, as some call it, the Age of Pluralism where those in leadership positions act as people developers with the view that, for everyone to be fully engaged in contributing to organizational success, each person must be a self –directed leader.

 In the licensing process, you will learn why this approach works, how to customize the process with your clients and how to engage the learner. You will receive templates to use that you can customize and will practise coaching techniques to stimulate self-directed learning. Upon completion, you will have a full range of tools to present to your clients.

 The licensing process includes co-delivery with a master trainer plus three hours of coaching and training support tailored to the professional’s specific needs.

 About Professional Profile System©

This system is a new approach to what was once called a performance review or appraisal. These old approaches had many limitations and, at best, disengaged the employee to some degree. It relied on the leader to drive the process and act as a parent rather than a people developer.

The Professional Profile System© is an approach owned by the employee and supported by leaders. The leader acts as coach, mentor and teacher and helps to hold the focus for the employee. The process is tailored to the goals of the employee and the organization and is future focused. An appreciative inquiry approach examines what works well and what the ideal future looks like and integrates the employee’s intrinsic motivators. The past is used to inform opportunities for the future.

This program is best tailored to the employee’s career goals and the organization’s vision and goals. A template and process are provided from which to work.

Professional Profile System© is a one day course with three follow-up modules of 3 hours each.


Tri-namics System

This is a licensing program and system  

Use the Tri-namics™ System directly with your clients, and within organizations, businesses and communities. Improve or create mentoring programs, support peer and self coaching initiatives, foster and develop coaching cultures, stimulate individual leadership development, or grow the Coaching Triangle© System.  Work with three leading edge resource books: Tri-namics Coaching Triangle System, Tri-namics the Power of One, Two, Three: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom and Tri-namics for LEADS in a Caring Environment. This is not another course; it is a ground-breaking approach to learning!


Tri-namics Consultants (TC) are licensed to facilitate the orientation and development of Coaching Triangles© and are taught how to use the Tri-namics resources to support mentorship and peer coaching programs, team coach as well as how to effectively bring the whole Tri-namics™ system framework into organizations. In addition, they are able to use these skills and resources with individual clients to assist them in strengthening their self-directed learning, self-directed leadership and coaching capabilities. The Tri-namics™ books provide a wealth of tools and applications and offer foundational resources for professional development course or program design.


The licensing process includes 10 hours of one on one consultation, mentoring, coaching or training (or equivalent) and a resource book.

The Excelerator Coaching™ Program

 This is a licensing program


Are your clients ready to build a coaching culture? These in-depth programs offer training in leading coaching practices. They are interactive and engage the learner fully. When you use the skills learned in these programs, you will see your clients grow as professionals and individuals. This program develops the whole person.

 These training programs are designed to offer International Coach Federation (ICF) certification and are used in the core curriculum of the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program.

 Excelerator Essentials for Internal Coaches

This 60-hour program is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has been designed to expand coaching capacity in organizations by preparing internal coaches to meet the ICF requirements for individual coach certification.

 Excelerator Essentials Lifestyle Coaching

This 60-hour program is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is an opportunity for Personal Trainers, Wellness Counselors, Health Professionals, Sports Coaches, and Fitness Facility Managers to help their clients and staff get better results through a masterful coaching relationship.


Team Coaching

This workshop is 1 day

There are many ways to reach your clients goals using a team coaching approach. The complexity depends on the client’s needs, timelines, budget and motivators. Transparency and team member inclusion is critical. As an educator, trainer or coach, the more you know, the easier it is to design a process that works for all of you.If you want to strengthen you skills in team coaching or retreat design and delivery, this workshop provides you with templates to assist you.  It is interactive and allows you to plan your own team coaching strategy.

Once you have completed the training, you will have practical templates to help you assess your clients’ needs. You will learn how to use coaching to prompt for disclosure of critical information and how to include all stakeholders in your needs analysis. The training will give you a format to conduct 1 to 5 day retreats and will teach you how to summarize your findings.

This program looks at conducting the initial needs analysis with leaders, drafting a recommended approach, a process and budget and conducting a pre-team coaching needs analysis with participants. The framework includes the following:

  • Summarizing needs analysis findings for discussion with leaders
  • Communicating a summary of needs analysis and the agreed upon process to all participants
  • Planning coaching themes and timelines
  • Identifying and/or creating common ground i.e. vision, mission, values, goals
  • Getting commitment for action plans
  • Establishing how to hold the focus with methodologies designed for this purpose
  • Writing a post-meeting summary and recommendations
  • Identifying what considerations are important for you to incorporate to bring your signature to this service