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Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) function within an organization focuses on the systems, policies, agreements, practices and infrastructure critical to maintaining the structure needed to support the employee component of the organization. While HR has two important roles, one of leadership at a strategic level and one of management at the task level both are critical to organizational success. HR skills are sometimes referred to as a "soft skill” or, as Daniel Goleman reframed, as "primal skills". Effective HR practices within an organization require a strategic focus to ensure that people can achieve the organizational goals. HR management also contains an element of risk management for an organization which, as a minimum, ensures legislative compliance and opportunities to set ethical standards.


Divisions of specialty that fall under Human Resources are the following, but may include additional functions: employee relations/labour relations, human rights, recruitment, retention, onboarding, succession planning, empoyee development and training, payroll, employee benefits, organizational development, classification of job descriptions, ensuring equity, work force planning and developing policies and procedure to ensure compliance with agreements and ethical standards.


HGI can assist you in identifying what is needed to move the HR component of your organization forward. We do this by designing a customized HR strategy to strengthen your organizational culture and supports your vision and goals. 


We are also available to provide service delivery where needed and, for those of you interested in building your own internal capacity, we offer training programs in these areas.