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“Coaching is dialogue designed to enhance the expansion of awareness, to enlarge and deepen open-mindedness, to draw us closer to the manifestation of our impossible dreams and to ground us in our experience of shared humanity.

As a coach it is my role to seek and hold a space for dialogue to occur, for the mind to apprehend new ideas, for the impossible to become possible. In the realm of equine facilitated coaching, I act as co-coach with the horse, interpreting and facilitating safe and clear communication that enhances exploration and learning.”

Evelyn McKelvie



Learning Leadership from the Experts

Areas of expertise 

Evelyn specializes in coaching with the aid of horses. Equine facilitated coaching enhances and accelerates learning by taking one through the cognitive, associative and autonomic stages of psychomotor learning. Engaging our beliefs, perceptions and the physical embodiment of our leadership style while working with horses is a powerful tool for self development and discovery.


In addition to equine facilitated executive coaching, Evelyn coaches in the traditional way. Her focus is increasingly on brain-based coaching, coaching that aligns with the most recent research on the human brain and how it works.


Evelyn’s top Strengthfinders talent is “Learner” and so she works most effectively with people who are pursuing an inner journey of self-discovery. Research is demonstrating that we learn best through personal discovery and insight. Her clients are people coming to a crossroads in their careers who want to make a choice informed by inner knowing and lessons learned.

Professional Highlights

Evelyn’s career has taken many roads: music, theatre, education and IT, to name the major ones. Highlights of her career include moments such as performing in Carnegie Hall (with 199 other singers), creating costumes for an Elizabethan production of A Winter’s Tale from a budget of almost nothing and being asked to assist in group coaching with the Canadian Coach of the Year 2009, Carolynn Conlinn. Her most memorable moments have been largely moments of helping and guiding people – and horses – to the experience of the “aha!” 

Professional Credentials

Evelyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of British Columbia, a number of certifications in IT related disciplines, including computer programming, PRINCE2 (project management for IT environments), ITIL, (IT best practices framework), and a graduate certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University.  She is certified and credentialed by the International Coach Federation. In addition, she is certified to deliver assessments in the Bar-on EQ-I Emotional Quotient Inventory.

In order to develop demonstrable competence in equine facilitated work, she has pursued certification in equine training on the ground from internationally respected trainer and clinician Chris Irwin and is certified at the Bronze level.