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“For Fully Engaged Workplaces and Lives, I believe that the focus must be on the uniqueness of the organization and individuals. Tapping into that uniqueness is also a critical factor in achieving success.  I have witnessed how the potential of combining our collective intelligence, wisdom and individual gifts creates a synergy that has a power to make the impossible…possible. Accessing whole people systems is vital for organizations to thrive and expand their potential.  As a coach, I am the person who believes in you and provides an environment to stimulate creative tension that will provoke you to move in the direction that matters to you.  As your consultant, I will analyze your current reality, your assets, challenges and goals with the intention to achieve or exceed your greater vision and build in sustainable change approaches. As a trainer or educator, I seek to integrate and engage learners’ intrinsic motivators through experiential and sustained learning methodologies.”

Erna Hagge


Founder of Hagge Global Institute


Fully Engaged Workplaces and Lives

Erna is known as a paradigm pioneer whose strategic and future focused approach has led her to introduce leading edge programs and advancements.  Her background has afforded her the ability to view things from a whole system perspective. Erna’s clients say her coaching work is transformational.


Areas of Expertise

Erna works internationally and generally specializes in higher education and health care and business; however, she is experienced in working in many other types of organizations. For over 30 years, her expertise has been in people development through coaching, consulting, education/training, Human Resources (HR) and Organizational Development (OD).


Leadership coaching to enhance your leadership skills, realize your goals and build your legacy.

Transformational coaching, moving you from confusion and negative self-talk to making changes that inspire your authenticity and living a fully engaged life that matters to you.

  Self-Leadership coaching for gaining clarity of your goals and strategizing how to attain them.

New and experienced coaches coaching to realize your goals and deepen your knowing and talents.

  Organizational and team coaching for your vision and goal achievement and  … setting      the       standard as leaders in your field.




  • Designing strategies to meet the vision and goals of organizations
  • Building learning and development communities of experts to meet the unique needs of leading edge and  emerging organizations


Education and Training

  • Designing curriculum and customizing educational and training programs to meet long and short term intentions
  • Providing a complete range of leadership development programs and workshops


Organizational Development 

  • Building coaching/learning cultures within organizations where full engagement emerges through peer support and self-directed leadership
  • Providing ongoing learning methodologies and systems where organizational goals are attained and often exceeded
  • Building self-sustaining and ongoing people development systems



Erna specializes in working with three different types of clients:

  • large, complex organizations who are ready to increase their engagement and innovate for optimal results
  • individuals who are leaders in their own right, who are interested and who are motivated to make a radical change in some area of their career and lives
  • coaches who strive to excel and deepen their learning


Professional Highlights

Erna works internationally and has a background as an internal and external OD consultant, coach, and trainer/educator and as a human resources (HR) leader.

She founded the award winning coaching services at the University of British Columbia (UBC), has spoken at international conferences on her innovative work, has co-authored 3 books on leadership link  and a research paper link on coaching and has written over 40 development programs. Erna has facilitated many retreats and coached over 100 leaders. She has built large coaching/learning cultures, trained trainers, facilitated grievances and lead organizational change.


Credentials and Licensing

 Erna studied Sociology,  is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) from Royal Roads University) and holds certificates in HR Management, Executive Management from UBC, a Retail Management Certificate (RMC) from the University of Manitoba and a certificate in Humanistic Relations from Red River Community College.

She is licensed or trained in over 30 programs. The following are some examples:

  • LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Excelerator Coaching Program
  • Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) assessment
  • Personal Coaching Style Indicator assessments
  • Art of Fully Engaged dialogue ( Master trainer) Link
  • Tri-namics (Master trainer) link
  • Professional Profile ( Master trainer) link
  • Personal Profile ( Master trainer) link


Her leading edge work has been recognized with a number of awards: she received the Regional Prism Award for coaching excellence from the International Coach Federation (ICF) twice and was instrumental in UBC receiving the award of Quality and Effectiveness given by the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO).