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“I couple my knowledge and expertise in both leadership and adult learning to foster new workplace learning cultures and help leaders achieve breakthrough results. Linking leaders to their own self-awareness, peers, teams, systems and environment, I focus on encouraging and supporting leadership growth at all levels. Working authentically with clients to achieve excellence is foundational in my approach. I use my intuitive insight and deep dialogue to listen to client needs. Seeing how patterns influence the clients’ opportunities and challenges, I create system wide frameworks, develop teams and coach clients as well as create and deliver custom leadership development courses, programs, and workshops.


I believe in positive growth, constant learning and bringing our values, perspective, and innovation into our work and lives.”

Debbie Payne



Linking Leaders

Areas of Expertise

Debbie is currently the President of DP Leadership Associates (2001). She is an experienced adult educator, facilitator, manager, leadership consultant and organizational development consultant, project manager, author and learning specialist with her roots in the dental profession. 



Debbie’s clients are executives, managers, students, professionals, and people who want to shine in the world today. Her work is recognized internationally, nationally and in her home province. Debbie’s clients are in diverse areas of healthcare, education, business and the public sector.


Professional Highlights

With over 25 years of work experience, Debbie has held a number of interesting positions including six years as an internal Leadership and Organizational Development Specialist at Terasen Gas Inc, and Department Head Coordinator of an innovative distance learning, award-winning, dental program and related projects at the Open Learning Agency. She is a faculty member of the Canadian College of Health Care Leaders in their LEADS for a Caring Environment Program, which focuses on leadership development.

Debbie is the concept creator of Coaching Triangles™, and has written over 25 curriculum publications, book chapters, and articles. Tri-namics™ Leadership Wisdom for Healthcare (2012) is her fourth book.  Her latest co-authored research paper, “Engage Others” (2010), is one of the five foundational academic papers for LEADS in a Caring Environment. 



Debbie is a continual learner with undergraduate education in a variety of fields such as science, dentistry, management, organizational behavior and adult education. She earned her MA in Leadership from Royal Roads University, has a graduate Management Certificate from the University of Western Ontario and a certificate in Organizational Behaviour from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland..



Debbie is certified in the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and numerous other instruments which she uses based on clients’ needs and culture.


What impact will our collective leadership wisdom have on our global community? How will your own leadership influence what is important to you?