Frequently Asked Questions


Coaching and Communication

Why work with a coach?

Working with a coach accelerates movement to what is important to you whether you are an organization or an individual. It is a confidential relationship with a highly skilled thinking partner. Those who work with a coach are generally extremely successful organizations or individuals. The sole focus of the coach is the client/coachee’s success. You may work with a coach to focus on a critical project, career aspirations, leadership development, team development or when feeling overwhelmed or in need of focused thinking and planning time.

What is a coachee as opposed to client?

The term coachee is used for the person being coached. The term client is used for the organization or person hiring the coach for the coachee. Some use the term sponser for the organization or leader hiring the coach and then the term client for the person or team working with the coach.

 What is a coaching culture?

A coaching culture leads to learning culture. It is where the normal operating system among the people within the organization is one where a curious mind set prevails, innovation is sought and everyone is encouraged to reflect for their own answers. The collective intelligence is valued and the organization values challenges and differences. The general mindset is one of possibilities and appreciative inquiry.


What do your services cost?

Our prices vary depending on the customization required. For pricing, please contact us.


How do you become an HGI team member?

HGI team members are leaders in their field and are invited to join the institute based on their expertise and alignment with the HGI Vision, Mission and Values.


There are many programs that interest me. How do I know which one I should take first or as an organization which ones best support our strategic direction?

The following questions are ones you may like to ask yourself to assist with your selection: what program attracts me, what program would help with my/our goals, what program would help me/us get better at what I/we are gifted in, what program would help with an area I am/we are challenged in, or what program will get me/us to where I/we want to go.

We are also available to help you.  The courses and programs are list with brief descriptions. You may like to contact us for more information on the program content and teaching methodology. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance in making your selection.

What makes the HGI programs different from others?

Our programs are customized, highly experiential and provide a structure for learning to be integrated into the everyday work world.