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Within each professional development goal, an advanced level of communication is essential. HGI offers a number of courses and programs aimed at taking a novice communicator to a heightened level of awareness and skills and the advanced communicator to a higher level of sophisticated and complex skills.  Our programs range from half a day to 60 hours.


The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue™…a coach approach

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 This program is often used in organizations to develop peer coaching skills and practices and is frequently used to support cohort leadership development programs. The framework is built on a dialogue model using coaching practices which stimulate critical thinking, self-directed learning and self-directed leadership.  Team cohesion, collaboration and communication effectiveness are integrated into the framework and model. The program is designed to integrate the learning over several sessions with sufficient time in between to build on the skills in the day to day work environment.  It is built on a model of one day interactive classroom learning and ten follow-up modules of 1.5 hours each with 3 learning partners to support just in time learning and professional goal achievement. The workbook has additional resources and post workshop exercises for those who learn well on their own and stimulates reflection for ongoing learning.


This program is a 1 day workshop and 10 follow-up modules of 1.5 hours each.


HGI also offers certification in The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue™ for professional internal and external trainers, educators and coaches.  For more information, please see The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue™ under Licensing and Training.


The Excelerator Coaching™ Program for Leaders and Managers



This program is used in the core curriculum of the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching Program.

Learn and practise using a "coach approach" to develop others.  Expertly facilitated learning environments where the principles, tools and skills are acquired that will enable you to start using a coach approach immediately. Superior learning tools including the Excelerator Coaching comprehensive course binder, and the Great Question!™ game, an action learning game that helps participants put the Excelerator principles into practice.


This program includes 24 hours of content, delivered either in a 3-day experiential workshop or a 3-month tele-class.

HGI also offers certification in the area of Excelerator Coaching™ for professional internal and external trainers, educators and coaches.  For more information, please see Excelerator Coaching™ Programs under Licensing and Training.


A Coach Approach


What is coaching and why is it so important in today’s organizations?

This course looks at the basic skills for coaching. It provides hands on practice, demonstrations and useful tools to assist ongoing learning.

This is a 1 day workshop.