What is HGI


HGI is a global consortium of consultants, coaches and specialists who provide consulting, coaching, education, business and organizational development and project and administrative management with leading edge expertise to support clients in stretching beyond their current realities and in moving toward their desired future.

We believe every client is unique and that a tailored solution is critical for success.  A guiding principle we integrate into our work is to build internal capacity, whether with an individual or organization, supporting ongoing growth and opportunity.


Our clients range from large, multi-sited to medium size  organizations in healthcare, education, business and government as well as individuals who strive to excel.






Fully engaged workplaces and lives.


Provide expertise in designing programs and services that support organizations and individuals to be in alignment with the integrity of their intention. 


Creativity and innovation: using critical thinking and outside the box thinking. Thought leaders in creating new paradigms; using creative tension as leverage for innovation.

Self-directed leadership: acknowledging the leader within and, with a high degree of self-awareness, generating movement toward a designed direction.

Integrity: intrinsic and extrinsic motivators match or support each other.

Authenticity: knowing who you are, as an individual or organization and being transparent then acting from that awareness.

Positivity: using a positive psychology approach, looking at what works and then building on that; increasing the positivity ratio in order to support the higher possibility of success; identifying natural talents and promote their development to a master level.

Optimizing the interdependence between task and relationship: identifying the value of both the task and interpersonal relationships.

Creative dialogue: explorative, curious and focused that is engaging.

Solid Foundation-based knowledge and resources:  the work is supported by evidence-based research and leading edge thinking