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NEW Training Grant for Small Business/Non-Profit

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Do you have a small business or non-profit  in BC with under 50 employees? Have you been in business for a year?  Would you like training for your employees?

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has established a new initiative, the Workplace Training for Innovation Pilot Program (WTIP). The program is designed to provide funding to eligible employers with less than 50 staff for the employee training of their choice, delivered by the training provider of their choice.

Through WTIP, employers decide on the training and the training provider best suited to assist them to improve productivity, enhance competitiveness, and/or introduce new technology, equipment, or work processes. There are hundreds of training options available across the province for employers to choose from, including colleges or private training institutions.

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has not pre-approved nor endorsed any courses, programs, or training providers with respect to WTIP. For more information, please visit the WTIP website http://www.aved.gov.bc.ca/workplace_training_programor contact the Program Administrator (Chemistry Consulting Group Inc.) toll-free at 1 877 365-5757


Note: Debbie Payne has successfully provided custom in-house  training to small business employers who have accessed this training grant. If the work I do fits with your needs please contact me to see how I can best be of help.

In particular she has offered customized versions of her popular STAR Power Series which focuses on Self, Team, Action and Results.

604.209.5069            debbie@dpleadership.com                         


Debbie Payne   1-604.209.5069   debbie@dpleadership.com
Delta, British Columbia, Canada