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Would you like to learn:
  • More about how to match your personality to your career?
  • How your team can improve communication?
  • How to improve your interpersonal communication with others?
  • Assess your leadership skills?
  • Explore your values or beliefs?
  • Understand more about your strengths and skills?
  • Explore how your personality fits at work?
  • More about how you handle stress or conflict?

Assessments can be a valuable adjunct and provide surprising insight, giving you another lens or viewpoint with statistically reliable results.   DP Leadership Associates is qualified to administer a number of assessments and provides this as a service to individuals, teams and organizations. Assessments provide best value when coupled with coaching feedback sessions and debriefing. Follow the links to read details on each assessment.  

Debbie Payne is qualified to administer and interpret each of these assessments.


Details on the use of these assessments, sample reports, and benefits can be found on the Psychometrics Canada website.
ACER General Select Numerical
ACER General Select Verbal
ACER Professional Select Numeric
ACER Professional Select Verbal
Mechanical Reasoning Form A
       Also qualified to use:
Please contact Debbie Payne for pricing and suggested uses. 604.209.5069


Debbie Payne   1-604.209.5069   debbie@dpleadership.com
Delta, British Columbia, Canada