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Leadership Stones

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 When we hold a piece of the earth in our hand we build, we attach meaning, we anchor,we balance, we hold ourselves accountable to the ground on which we tread and it reminds us to walk the talk of leadership.


Many years ago I started a simple leadership story in one company. Some people embraced the Leadership Stones. Take a small stone, hold it in your hand. Attach a leadership meaning, story, thought, or attribute to it. Give it away to someone else who exhibits leadership and share your leadership gem. Hear theirs. The Leadership Stones when they are moving about the earth help us recognize leadership in small ways, help us hear each others stories. If you have received a Leadership Stone give it away. If you dont have one, pick one up off the ground and make it a Leadership Stone.

Simple and symbolic, freely given and received, Leadership Stones help us grow our own leadership through recognition of self and others.


Finding Balance-amazing!


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Delta, British Columbia, Canada