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Tips from the BCHRMA/Caliber Panel Discussion on Recruiting, Oct 2007

What recruiting strategies work?

Referrals and referral programs ($)

Hire for attitude, train for skill

LinkedIn, networking

Build recruiting efforts into all media attention

Online surveys

Partnership with educational institutions, co-ops, interns, apprenticeship, school sponsoring

Working interviews so team can see benefit

Staff have input on who is hired into team

Use second life online

Targeted recruiting at sectors of potential employees, eg: where did existing employees come from

Make culture best practice; highly engaged, motivated employees attract same

Deliver on branding promise or employees will not be retained

Have great recruiting experience so even those not hired speak highly of company

Have great onboarding program, first impressions are lasting

Steal good ideas from other companies

Fire fast if you make a mistake, tolerating poor hire affects culture, engagement

Create recruiting culture-everyone is responsible for bringing in and integrating new people

Reminder: depending on the type of job being recruited for there may be a shortage of labour or not. It is important these days to know that candidates are actively looking for a right fit, that they often have choice of where to work, that they want a positive recruiting experience with timely communication as it is indicative of what they may encounter once hired.

Create alumni relationships with employees who have moved on, they can be base of future referrals

Keep focused on career development of all employees, remember old and new employees both are employees.

Reminder that benefits are entry standard- more and more benefits, higher compensation are shorter term value or golden hand-cuffs and may retain non-engaged employees. Fair total compensation and great culture, development are best for recruitment and retention.

Wellness and balance are important to everyone and to the health of the organization-leaders need to model this.

Companies represented on Panel: Disney Interactive Studios, Vancouver Police Department, CPX Trucking, Mr. Pickwick's Fish and Chips.


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