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Work, work, work....

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Work, work, work...

Conversation seems to take us to work in our social circles. What do you do? What kind of work are you involved in? What is your job? Seems our identity is tied up in this relationship with our work. When we change work, when we are in transition between different kinds of work, we have to learn the new language, the new way to represent ourselves. One would think this is easy to do. Somehow it is not. We often grieve what we had. Or we are so glad to be gone from it that we dont want to refer to it but are stuck in the story. Or sometimes people catch us when we are not clear.

How can we move to a new conversation about work? Instead of the "what" perhaps we could ask the "how " questions.. How are you making a difference in the world? How do you contribute? How are you changing? Instead of "What are you looking for?" It becomes, "How would you like to contribute?"

My sense is that people would have different conversations about work, perhaps more meaningful. For example, if some says "What do you do?" and you answer " "I sell phones" , you may be able to respond differently should they say " How do you make a difference with the work that you do?'"

Ive been exploring and thinking about this lately as I am in transition. Im moving from being a full time employee to being self-employed with two businesses. I make a difference in my first business, DP Leadership by focusing on individuals and teams helping them become better leaders. In my partnership business, Deberna International, we use our Tri-namics Coaching Triangle System to improve leadership skills through a self-directed peer coaching approach.

Much better than simply saying I have my own companies. It makes people curious to learn and explore more. Please visit my websites and contact me if you are curious to learn more.

Debbie Payne


Debbie Payne   1-604.209.5069   debbie@dpleadership.com
Delta, British Columbia, Canada