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DP Leadership Associates partners collaboratively with organizations and with other consultants on projects. Some Associates work closely and others are brought in for particular projects. The deep, professional network of DP Leadership Associates crosses many industry sectors in the local community and globally and make us an outstanding company to do business with.
Associates listed in alphabetical order (details below). Please contact Debbie Payne for additional information on these Associates.  
Gayle Burggraaf, Marketing and Fundraising Consultant
Sandy Chernoff, Soft Skills
Bev Davis. Generational Diversity Specialist
Jose deGuzman, T4 Organizational Learning Systems
Vicki Fenn, Coach
Rebecca Frame, Frame and Associates
Erna Hagge, Hagge Global Institute, Deberna International
Emma Hamer, eHamer and Associates
Kirsten Hansen, Creative Training Solutions
Debbie Kemp, Emerge Coaching and Consulting
Troy King, Corporate Symphony
Janis Lawrie, Image Consultant
Myriam Laberge, Breakthroughs Unlimited 
Dee Lewis, Business Consultant
Anne Melnyk, Red Path Coaching
LInda Naiman, Creativity at Work
Jeannie Patterson, Full Spectrum Consultation and Coaching
David Payne, Technical Trainer
Emily Payne, Emily Payne Consulting
Gary Payne, Educational Consultant
Wayne Rawcliffe, Senga Consulting
Carol Sutton, CJS Communications
Jim Taggart, Leadership World Connect


Erna Hagge,CEC Hagge Global Institute

Senior Associate
Erna is the owner of Hagge Global Institute and Debbie Payne's business partner in Deberna International.  She provides executive coaching services, team development,  and orgranizational development. Erna was the founder of the renowned Coaching Services Program at the University of BC and is currently focused on growing and developing coaching cultures in organizations and well as creating innovative learning resources. She is also the recipient of two Prism Awards for her coaching projects.  

Kirsten Hansen, Creative Training Solutions

Kirsten's company designs and develops standardized job-specific training curriculum in multiple formats, including e-learning , that is customized, engaging and will motivate employees. We facilitate or train your trainers, and provide on-going coaching support that ensures measurable results. CTS will use your strengths to make your weaknesses irrelevant.


Dee Lewis

Dee Lewis is a successful businesswoman, licensed and qualified health professional, consultant, and adult educator.  With her roots as a Certified Dental Assistant and Office Manager in private dental practice, community dental health, and dental education Dee has been recognized with several awards for her achievements including a Certificate of Merit from the Canadian Dental Assisting Association and Best Educational Award from the American Association of Dental Education.  

Among other accomplishments, Dee’s business experience includes being the Manager and Partner of the Salmon Arm and Sicamous Community Career Centres, and the owner/manager of DEECO Spa which has operated profitably and successfully in Salmon Arm for a number of years. As president of her own consulting company Dee provides business and HR consultation to small business, communities, health and wellness organizations, government agencies, spas, and educational institutions and programs.  


Dee was nominated for Salmon Arm’s 2009 Business Woman of the Year Award, on Board of Directors for the Salmon Arm Economic Development Corporation, a guest presenter for the Economic Development Corporation Conference, and is currently the President of the Esthetics and Spa Professionals Association of British Columbia .


Dee holds five certifications as a Certified Esthetician and Spa Director.  She is also a certified Reflexologist, a BC and national Certified Dental Assistant, a certified  Zenger Miller trainer in career development, and holds her BC Instructors Diploma as well as Occupational First Aid Level III.

Jose de Guzman, MA T4 Organization Learning Systems

Jose holds a masters degree in Social Psychology, specializing in learning and small group dynamics. He has earned 18 credit units leading to a doctorate degree in Social and Organizational Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University-Philippines.

An early adaptor to eLearning, he organized global online courses at the Manila office of the World Bank Distance Learning Center and supervised the implementation of the IntraLearn learning management system at the Asian Institute of Management. He authored and introduced blended learning courses on Performance Management System and on Organization Development at the Graduate School of Ateneo de Zamboanga University-Philippines using 3rd party remote eLearning servers.

He recently assisted the City of Richmond, BC in developing the online version of their New Employee Orientation Program. In 2010, he produced an award-winning video on Team Life in a global contest at Whole Foods Market. Jose is the Blended Learning Technologist at T4 Organization Learning Systems and specializes in assisting organization Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in translating their intuitive institutional knowledge to shareable and reusable learning content objects for use in company learning and development programs. He has designed 2 demo eLearning courses at Akuter Technologies. In the 22 professional developmentcourses he developed for clients in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, each had digitally enhanced and media rich components to increase learner engagement. His current project is the development of an online version of his 2-day face-to-face executive course on “ROI of Human Resources” for the People Management Association of the Philippines.


Carol Sutton, CJS Communications

CJS Communications helps clients improve interpersonal relationships among employees in order to increase collaboration and productivity. Our methods include facilitation, organizational planning, team building, training and coaching activities - with a particular focus on workplace conflict management - designed to improve business results. In addition, We are part of a consortium that offers programs in personal effectiveness, leadership skills, and management excellence.

CJS Communications' Principal Carol J. Sutton is a professional mediator who holds two certificates from the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Carol's first career was in marketing and corporate communication and senior communications counsel, which formed the basis of the firm, founded in 1985. She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor's degree in public relations, cum laude, in 1972; earned public relations accreditation (APR) 12 years later, and was admitted to the CPRS College of Fellows in 2004. Carol is an active member of the Delta Chamber of Commerce and the Surrey Board of Trade, the BC Organization Development Network and the International Society for Productivity Improvement.

Gayle Burggraaf
Gayle is a skilled communicator with 25 years of customer service, sales and public relations experience.  She is currently working with DP Leadership Associates in support of marketing.

David Payne

David is a technical wizard. He brings a depth of knowledge about computer technology and an easy, comfortable manner to help translate and teach clients what they need to know. He provides in-house one on one computer coaching and software problem-solving, as well as remote consultation on computer issues.  David has a degree in Computer Science from SFU.

Emily Payne, Emily Payne Consulting
Emily  is a speaker's coach, facilitator, motivational speaker, and a developer of youth leaders with interests in environmental sustainability, permaculture, and outdoor education. She will be completing her degree in 2012 from the University of British Columbia in Geography with a specialty in Environment and Sustainability.

Gary Payne, B.Sc., PDP, Adv. Ed. Dip.
With 35 years experience in the educational system Gary provides DP Leadership Associates with solid, foundational educational consultation on principles of instructional design and assessment and supports the administration of DP Leadership Associates.  

Jeanie Paterson Full Spectrum Coaching & Consulting Services

Being deeply committed to helping others make empowering personal and professional choices that support their creative capacity THRIVE versus Survive, Jeanie opened her private practice, Full Spectrum Coaching & Consulting Services in 2003.


As an Empowerment Coach and Organizational Development (OD) consultant, Jeanie has garnered a credible reputation over the last 25+ years for effectively assisting individual and organizational clients to foster and sustain their creative capacity, resilience, and competitive advantage, while weathering economic and global uncertainties.


Jeanie works extensively with boards, advisory groups, senior executives, and other workplace staff in OD areas related to strategic visioning/planning, appreciative inquiry, leadership development/team building, staff engagement/retention, and workplace coaching/mentoring.

Janis Lawrie

Janis brings over 25 years experience in customer service and sales in her work with clients. She is also an accredited cosmetic consultant, skincare specialist and professional makeup artist. She has an innate ability to understand customer needs and shares her knowledge through an engaging, personal style.

Wayne Rawcliffe, Senga Consulting

Wayne and his partners provide strategic solutions and work with managers and leaders to build strong sustainable businesses.

Jim  is a  thought leader, consultant, author, and student of leadership. He has written a new ebook "Becoming an Holistic Leader."  Debbie wrote the Foreword for this book. . You can find Jim's book as a free download on his website.


Myriam Laberge, M.A. (Economics) Breakthroughs Unlimited

IAF Certified Professional Facilitator. For over two decades, Myriam has been designing and facilitating Great Meetings within organizations and community, engaging client groups (of all sizes from 10 to 500+) in highly interactive, productive and focused conversations, dialogue, planning, and strategy execution. Through the Masterful Facilitation Institute, she designs and delivers facilitation skills-building courses to build learner confidence and capacity for in-person and virtual meetings.

Bev Davis, Generational Diversity Specialist

Rebecca Frame, Frame and Associates

Anne Melnyk, Red Path Coaching

Linda Naiman, Creativity at Work

Troy King, Corporate Symphony International

Debbie Kemp, Emerge Coaching and Consulting

Deberna Coaching International

Deberna is Erna Hagge and Debbie Payne's partnership company focused on publishing, licensing and distributing Tri-namics and other innovative learning resources.


Debbie Payne   1-604.209.5069   debbie@dpleadership.com
Delta, British Columbia, Canada