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Services >Business and Organizational Development ...Strategic Planning and Implementation,  Operations, Administration and Human Resources Management

Business and Organizational Development ... Strategic Planning and Implementation, Operations, Administration and Human Resources Management
                Taking you  - from inception to the fine details of implementation.

Do you feel stuck in multitasking mode and know you could do great things if you could just spend some time to reflect and then strategize for optimal results or exceed your goals? At HGI we partner with you in providing the structures and services that will facilitate your success.

Our Philosophy

Too often, companies define their business in terms of what they make or sell. This thinking limits their ability to grow beyond their immediate goals and tap into unlimited potential.  Achieving transformational growth starts in the planning stage and requires us first to focus on moving out of the immediate perceived thinking through a reflective process. This means stimulating innovation and setting goals that will drive long term and sustained success, then shifting the the task/operational focus.


Our Services

 Our business model at HGI concentrates on ensuring innovative business ideas are synchronized with tangible and measurable strategic goals, resource allocations, streamlined processes and implementation strategies that support achieving goals and objectives. Through team development processes we invite full engagement ensuring everyone understands how their individual contribution supports organizational success. The following service menu offers you a full range of services to support sustainable and lasting benefits after implementation ensuring great ideas translate to great results:    

     Business and organizational consulting


    Facilitation and development of strategic plans    

    Project and business management mapping  


     Administration, Operations and Human Resources management

    Execution and supervision of implementation plans


    Organizational development consulting and strategizing (engagement, culture,       branding)


    Organizational and leadership coaching   

    Team development and building  

    Employee developed (training and education)