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Consultants Collaborative South Delta

Consultants Links

Consultants are listed alphabetically. For detailed information please link to the consultant's website.

Diane Askin, Net Climber Web Design and Publishing

Gerry Beltgens, AG Integrated Courseware

Kirsten Hansen, Creative Training Solutions

Dorothy MacDonald, Creative Training Solutions

Debbie Kemp

Troy King, Corporate Symphony

Myriam Laberge, Breakthroughs UNLIMITED

Myriam Laberge, Organization Transformation Services

Debbie Payne, DP Leadership

Debbie Payne Deberna International

Jacque Small, Catalyst Business Coaching

Carol Sutton, Managing Conflict Positively

Tudor Williams, Twisurveys

Debbie Payne, MA Tsawwassen
Debbie brings high energy, focused intuitive insight, creative facilitation, and strong business acumen to her work with clients. Debbie is a people developer with a focus on improving the leadership in individuals and organizations to optimize engagement and improve performance.

DP Leadership Associates

Deberna International

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